Jaipur Kala Chaupal


    • Parul Sharma Jesudasan (INDIA)

      Parul, one of India’s foremost communications professionals, discovered the delights of photography unintentionally. The many travels and encounters of Parul have created an alternative world – ParulScape, where the familiar and the fantastical become one. Behold and be enchanted.
    • Hildebrando De Melo (ANGOLA)

      Hildebrando Teixeira Mesquita de Melo took the painting course at Associação de Lameiras in VN Famalicão, Portugal. He was distinguished with the 35º Angola award, as the personality who contributed the most in 2008 in the visual arts.

    • António Guimarães Ferreira (PORTUGAL)

      Born in Lisbon, 1975.Antonio lives and works in Lisbon. His Individual exhibitions include:”Scenario for a tragedy in three acts”, MOB – Cultural Association, Lisbon, Portugal and “Drawings”, Corporation, Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Jennifer Macklem (CANADA)

      Her work has been published in the Journal of Canadian Art History, Vie des Arts, Espace, Guerilla Art, Front: Etcetera and Le Devoir, Montreal. She has completed international artist residencies Gros Morne (The Rooms, Newfoundland); Point B (Brooklyn NY); The Soiree Retreat residency (Banff Center for the Arts), (Aurodhan Gallery, Pondicherry, India).

    • Ignacio Castilo (CHILE)

      Ignacio Castillo (Santiago, Chile, July 26, 1983) is an industrial designer graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana and is currently dedicated to the creation of ceramic sculptures as a contribution to Chilean contemporary design and proposes ambiance and new decoration.

    • Larissa Noury (FRANCE)

      Her artwork offers the luxury of combining freedom with inner strength. This alliance characterizes all her works, imbued with poetry where love and dreamlike fantasy prevail; reminding us of Monet’s impressionism, Chagall’s paintings with romantic colors or Kandinsky’s compositions by improvised movements.

    • Henda Loulizi (FRANCE)

      In the artisanship of clay or papermaking, for example, the use of water is necessary for construction of the elements into a material artistic essence. Water softens and forms the clay: water suspends fibers to bond into paper.
    • Pooyan Hashmi Tari (IRAN)

      Pooyan is a Phd in Civil Engineering from Iran. Pooyan blends technical aspects of engineering to create a beautiful blend of precision and art. Some of his achievements include Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Award, Government of Ontario, 2011-2012, $15000 Western University Scholarship, 2006-2012.

    • Audrius Grazys (LITHUANIA)

      The Lithuanian painter Audrius Gražys appears is one of the most prolific and original visual artists of his generation. A painter of nearly classical precision and discipline, he also possesses masterful brushwork and quite a sensitive touch when employing numerous elements of artistic expression.
    • Eimutis Markunas (LITHUANIA)

      He participates in the development of installations, paintings, post objects, stained-glasses exhibitions since 1983. Through many years of creating art he became an excellent artist in variety ways of different art techniques.

    • Mindaugas Juadis (LITHUANIA)

      His work appears as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, and time, both past and present, fuse.  With the use of abstraction, he tries to seduce the viewer into a world of balance and the stream of daily events depicted to punctuate and find meaning in everyday life.

    • Isroildzon Baroti (LITHUANIA)

      Isroildzon Baroti, a famous ceramist and exhibition curator in Lithuania, was born in the Republic of Tajikistan. The artist’s studies and the shaping of his creative style coincided with a significant period of ceramic development in Lithuania.
    • Henrikas Gulbinas (LITHUANIA)

      Henrikas Gulbinas is one Lithuania’s first video artists. He started out on his own path of creative discovery even before the Soviet Union collapsed and before creative freedom in Lithuania and the era of personal computers even began.

    • Margarita Chacon (MEXICO)

      Her work is a synthesis of reality with a touch of abstraction, interpretations of nature, landscapes, memories, sounds, feelings, translated into shape and colour, that explode on canvas or paper creating a strong visual effect inviting the viewer into her inner world, where light and intense colours are her means of expression.
    • Nunik Sauret (MEXICO)

      Born in Mexico City, Sauret studied at the Escuela Nacional de Pintura, Escultura y Grabado “La Esmeralda” in her native city. In 1976 she became a member of the Taller de Grabado del Molino de Santo Domingo. She has created drawings and paintings, but is known mostly for her work as a printmaker; techniques which she has used include etching, drypoint, aquatint, mezzotint, and engraving.
    • Salomón Cohen (MEXICO)

      Born in Mexico City, he became known as an artist in the 1990s, and since then he has devoted himself entirely to this passion. He has famously achieved more than 150 solo and group exhibitions in major cities such as Miami, Berlin, Panama, New York, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Mexico, Central and South America.

    • Grete Marstein (NORWAY)

      Grete Marstein conveys impressions of nature. Not so often magnificent scene contractions that here, but dynamic processes, changing seasons, trees growing sea change from silent to waves, detailed in eternal cycle. She is concerned with the abstract in nature, moods, sound, air and light.
    • Helen Fredrick (USA)

      She is recognized as a distinguished artist, curator, educator, coordinator of international projects, and as founder of Pyramid Atlantic, a center for contemporary printmaking, hand papermaking and the art of the book.
    • Shanti Norris (USA)

      Ms. Norris serves as Executive Director of Smith Center for Healing and the Arts – D.C.’s only stand alone cancer support organization. She initiated the Smith Center hospital Artist-in-Residence program and Healing Arts Gallery.

    • Trish Tillman (USA)

      Trish Tillman juxtaposes diverse materials to evoke domestic ritual, fetish, and a modern tendency towards private totemic monuments. Industrial components fused with uncanny decorative elements like hair, leather, rope and chains become unsettling talismans, transcending function to reflect material fetishism and idiosyncratic cultural references.

    • Ethan Browning (USA)

      Ethan Browning is a professional photographer based out Brooklyn, New York. He studied at CORCORAN COLLEGE OF ART + DESIGN, Washington, DC — B.F.A. Photojournalism, 2012.

    • Paula Sengupta (INDIA)

      Dr Paula Sengupta is an artist, academician, curator, researcher and writer resident in Kolkata who works using diverse media and techniques including found objects, hand embroidery, serigraphy, chintz, muslin, woodblock and screen printing, nakshi kantha and applique.
    • Sandra Hansen (USA)

      Sandra graduated spring of 2016 with an MFA in painting at Kendall College of Art and Design and earned a BFA in painting at Kendall College of Art and Design in 2013. She took art classes at Hope College before attending Kendall. While at Kendall, she received the Excellence in Painting award and Portfolio Prizes for both MFA and BFA.

    • Susan Firestone (USA)

      With every work, she strives to use light and color to capture the eye of viewers.  Susan’s earliest inspirations are drawn from her upbringing in Pennsylvania and she began to master her technique as an art studio major at the University of Virginia.

    • Saks Afridi (USA)

      Saks Afridi is a multi-disciplinary artist. Born in Pakistan and raised in several countries, he now lives and works in New York City. Saks’s art practice is two-fold: Collaborative and Personal. His personal work investigates the predicaments and perplexities of the life of an ‘Insider Outsider’.

    • Alla Dickson (USA)

      Born in Belarus, Russia, she is a self-taught, award-winning artist who believes in the art of living with joy and the freedom of expression. Using her favorite medias, watercolors and oil on canvas, she wants to portray her positive energy and share it by teaching adults and students in her private home studio.

      • Shubhika Lal (INDIA)

        Shubhika Lal is a thoroughly exposed Indian artist who has exhibited all over the world. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and won the Best Sculpture Award, AIFACS in 2007.
      • Moutushi Chakraborty (INDIA)

        Moutushi’s work is both a critique and an attempt to subvert the truths of gender in a patriarchal society. Since 2001, Moutushi has relentlessly searched for these antique and historical images of Indian women. Her compositions are a delicate combination of these with a range of poignant visual references including fabrics, embroidered patterns and other personal/found memoirs. She often refers to herself as ‘scavenger of memories’.
      • Farhad Hussain (INDIA)

        Farhad Hussain’s colourful work that includes drawings and watercolours besides paintings on canvas, features day to day visual experiences of the middle class urban India. He endows his narrative with an iconography and personality through his figuration, their posturing, dress and the surrounding imagery.
      • Babita Das (INDIA)

        After acquiring Master of Fine Arts (Printmaking) degree from Viswa Bharati University (1992), She has gone on to achieve an invitation from Ministries of Culture and of Education of France and regional Councils to perform various workshops and shows (5 – 28 March 2004) in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.
      • Manjri Varde (INDIA)

        Manjri Varde, a commercial art graduate from Sophia Polytechnic, is an avid painter; in a passionate relationship with culture, colours and calligraphy. The combined fascination for these extended to digital printing on fabrics – anything that can be draped – sarees, scarves, stoles and skirts! Taking Sanskrit chants from the Bhagwad Gita, or quotes by Kahlil Gibran or the famous Afghani Sufi saint Rumi, Manjri writes them in English using the AumAkshar – a unique font she invented to write English in the Devnagari style.
      • Suresh K Nair (INDIA)

        Painter Suresh K Nair was born and brought up in Kerala. An alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Pune and Visva Bharati University, he is currently teaching art in the department of painting at Banaras Hindu University (BHU). Nair has acquired a major presence in art spaces both in India and abroad for his Kerala-style murals. His monumental painting Cosmic Butterfly was exhibited in Essl Museum, Vienna, Austria in 2010. He has been awarded the Kerala Lalithakala Akademi award from the government of Kerala, Elizabeth Green Shield Foundation Scholarship and Earth Day network award (Washington) along with various exchange programmes and research projects. He and his students are actively involved in promoting art through various public art projects like turning shabby walls and neglected garbage dump sites into beautiful wall murals.
      • Raveendra Thope (INDIA)

        Born on the 12 th of April 1960, Raveendra has crafted himself into a creative artist and sculptor. He has had numerous exhibitions and shows all over the country during his career.
      • Anil Astamudi (INDIA)

        With a qualification in Drawing and Painting, Anil has established himself as an accomplished Indian artist. He has showcased his work across India.
      • Kamal Abu Halaweh (JORDAN)

        A talented, passionate and hardworking artist who has a long track record of creating original pieces of art work, through a variety of mediums. Kamal comes to you from a strong artistic background, with a history of excellent craftsmanship and with the ability to create art for either sale or exhibition.
      • Barbara Brown (CANADA)

        Engaged in her art practice for over 30 years, the most recent investigations by Barbara Brown are in photography, where she combines her interests in plants, gardening, and perception with an aesthetic inquiry to navigate a new relationship with the natural world.
      • Inger Margrethe Larsen (DENMARK)

        The hallmark of Inger Margrethe Larsen’s work is her curiosity and urge to explore new materials and constantly feel challenged to search for new possibilities of expression. Her recent artwork has been focused on large scale jewelry design that becomes like large scale objects for wall hangings or wearable sculptures. Inger Margrethe Larsen graduated in 2002 from the Royal College of Art in London with a Master’s Degree and has since then presented her artwork at several Danish and international exhibitions.
      • Migle Kosinskaite (LITHUANIA)

        Lithuanian artist’s Migle Kosinskaite paintings are very theatrical. Every painting is a one act play. M. Kosinskaite’s style – romantic surrealism. Favorite tool – paradox, but the characters – decadent beauty, comes from the art deco and a silent film. “Queen of spades” and “Salome” intoxicating as muse and cold, like jellyfish. Although these “brutal” ladies do not attack men aggressively, only cover themselves with animal fur as “goose bumps”, of course, that is a feminist product, appearing from different angles for women and men.
      • Ausra Kleizatte (LITHUANIA)

        A visual artist working in the fields of contemporary textile and contemporary drang. She’s always worked towards exploring the aesthetic side of the art and the crossing point of Western and Eastern aesthetics.
      • Mukesh Shrestha (NEPAL)

        Mukesh Shrestha’s paintings are dominantly related to the Hindu and Buddhist religious shrines and spirituality. He captures various events from the Buddha’s life like the nativity, renunciation, meditation, enlightenment and preaching. He has also portrayed five transcendental Buddhas in their respective colours- Ratnasambhav in yellow, Akshobhya blue, Vaairochana white, Amitaabha red, and Amoghsiddhi green.Lotus, wheel and vajra are recurrent symbols in his works.
      • Manish Sharma (INDIA)

        Born in Bikaner, Raj, India,Mukesh Sharma is a professional, state 7 nation award winning artist. Art is a journey of your own experience and in his work he shares his lost memories and experiences of his native place. His work talks about culture and identity, loss of our heritage.
      • Bhavani GS (INDIA)

        Born in India. Her recent work is part of an ongoing exploration of the River Kaveri, its Tributaries, River banks, Forest and it’s textures, order, structure and matter of the natural world. Her works are about one’s ‘self’; a kind of a personal journey into the sub-conscious; an expression of the deep urge to unravel one’s own being.
      • Bhavesh Zala (INDIA)

        Bhavesh Zala, Bachelor of Arts with sociology. Recently received awards from Love and Peace World Watercolor Biennale, Thailand. As an outdoor landscape artist his primary goal is to reach the very Essence of the spot and expose its aesthetically hidden elements with watercolor. He likes to represent high complexity in its simplest form. Most of his work dominates Light, as light is an elusive element of landscape painting he likes to play with it and explore the quality of light.​​
      • Gunjan Tyagi (INDIA)

        Gunjan Tyagi is a Delhi based artist whose work explores themes of identity, roots, relationship between human, natural and social environment through mixed-media sculptures, site-specific installation, video, photographs, paintings and collaboration.Having trained in various sculpture and paintings based disciplines, her works range from large site-specific installations to small interdisciplinary sculptures and paintings and video works. Described as “simulation objects” her work eliminates the boundary between usable items and sculpture — bringing together the functional with the aesthetic.
      • Lyla FreeChild (INDIA)

        Hailing from the Pink City( Jaipur, Rajasthan, India), Lyla considers herself a nomad in the journey of life. She has a formal degree in Engineering, but she has carved her own path by responding to her inner calling of expressing herself through art.She has chosen to learn by making and walking her own path, in which she found co-travellers and mentors, who have provided a nurturing support.She has been on this whirlwind romance since 2014 with the age-old craft of Blue Pottery, exploring it’s finer nuances and creating deep and intimate narrative works around gender and sexuality that go beyond the decorative aspect of this art and provoke us to deconstruct and reconstruct our notions of gender and sexuality.

      • Laxman Bhujel (NEPAL)

        Renowned sculptor from Nepal, well known for his Langkawi Quill,life size statues of martyrs of Sukhani,political & social activist late RupchandraBista, leader Jaya Govinda Shah & Yogi Narahari Acharya.
      • Tatiana Biziukova (RUSSIA)

        Tatiana Biziukova is a Russian artist based and working in Varanasi, India. She was always attracted to the rich cultural traditions of the region and finally decided to study art and culture in Varanasi, where she is now doing a BFA degree, studying and practicing in the art and philosophy of different schools and regions from around India.
      •  Daniel Sharp(Canada)

        Daniel Sharp was born in 1955, in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada. He has lived in Ottawa since 1982. Sharp worked at Artspace Gallery in Peterborough Ontario (1980-82) and was Artistic Director at the Ottawa artist-run centre Gallery 101 (1989-91). From 1991 until 2017 he worked as a program officer, then manager and curator with the Canadian government’s art collection for embassies and diplomatic missions abroad.